Sunday, July 6, 2014

Summer Blues

I'm quite aware of the fact that I'm in the minority when I say I'm not a fan of summer.

Of the seasons, it's my least favorite.  With it's long dry days and stuffy hot nights, each time the mercury crawls above the eighty degree mark I find myself craving the relief that fall carries in on its coattails.

Summer tends to bring out the best in most people (other than the complaining about not being outdoors), with bright smiles, parties and get-togethers, BBQ's, river trips, enjoying the precious vitamin D while it lasts around here in the Pacific Northwest.

10 day forecast for Portland, Ore. from Fox 12 Oregon
That's all well and good for social butterflies and nature lovers who soak up the sun like air, but I can't say I get the same thrill.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind the sun, it's everything that comes along with it I can do without.  The uncomfortable heat, the thick air, the allergens causing me to sneeze, cough and itch, and of course all the creepy crawlies that thrive under such conditions.


When you're too hot, there's only so many layers you can remove (at least in polite company), only so many fans you can aim your direction, and only so many ice cubes in the freezer to keep your beverages cold.

Cold days on the other hand equal cozy layers and fuzzy blankets, fireplaces, hot chocolate... *wistful sigh.*
Even as I say this, I realize the irony that just four weeks from today I'll be heading to Vegas in the dead of summer, where I'll no doubt be met with triple digit temperatures and dry, arid air that will make me miss home-sweet-home.  For the record, I plan on spending as much time indoors as possible, and I fully intend on returning home thoroughly sunburned, relying heavily on the soothing graces of aloe.

As much as others would hate me for saying it, I hope summer zips by quickly.  With the exception of my much anticipated vacation, I'm ready to skip ahead to the change in the colors of the leaves, to cooling temperatures outside, to the house filling with the scent of sweet and spiced goodies.

I suppose I've just got a case of the summer blues - something that I am sure is statistically linked with those who do not own an air conditioner.

Oh well, time to beat the heat with another cup of coffee.  :)