Monday, June 13, 2011

Spring Term - Part I: The Art of It

This term, my Mondays and Wednesdays were virtually consumed by sitting in front of a Mac in the college Art Center.  My mornings consisted of Computer Graphics, while my afternoons were filled with Flash Animation (in between an hour of journalism snuck in, but more about that in "Spring Term - Part III"). 

This was my second term of Computer Graphics, in the same class room, with the same teacher, using the same programs.  It was awesome.  Our first project was to create a game; every part of it, including concept, package design, and a functional final product. 

Call me crazy, but I created a drinking game.  I assure you, I didn't start out with the intention of getting people drunk, I started out with an idea for packaging and went from there.  Instantly, I found myself drawn to using one of those skinny shipping tubes that can be found at your local postal office.  Where else was I supposed to do after realizing how nicely a stack of shot glasses fit within said tube?

Pictures and more details will soon be available here.

Our second assignment in Computer Graphics was to server an actual client, who needed designs for a sustainability tour being planned on campus.  I had a lot of fun with this.  I enjoy creating logos, though the biggest struggle I had was trying to do things in Adobe Illustrator, that I had become so familiar with in Adobe Photoshop (not everything crosses over sadly).

Examples of my designs, as well as the pieces that were chosen (or at least a variation of) for use will soon be available here.

Flash Animation was a fun class, quite different than the Multimedia For the Web class I took last term in the sense that it was more about the design and animation than the straight forward functionality and scripting.

Our first assignment was to create a ten second animation, essentially a site gag.  We started out drawing out storyboards, and then brought the story to life.  Perhaps at some point I will post the links to some of the examples the instructor gave us for inspiration (entertaining, based on the audience).  My animation topped out at over 30 seconds and caused much frustration due to an over complication of elements (would you believe grass field was almost my downfall?). 

This animation will soon be available here.

Our second assignment was to create a game (yes, this was actually the same instructor as the Computer Graphics class).  The idea and design were more important than the functionality, however I was lucky enough to end up with a rather pretty finished product.  I created a brick breaker game, and gave it a tropical feel.  I hope to go back and add music to it at some point, but for now, enjoy!

Stoic - October 2010 
This game will soon be available here.

Lastly, and not assignment based, I must mention the art show.  I submitted six pieces of work I have done over the last school year to the Lee Hutchinson Student Art Show, and five were chosen to be displayed.  Of those five, one won best digital (the photo on the right).  Yay me!  I won a $75 gift card to the art supply of my choice, so of course, I picked Best Buy.

All six of these submissions will soon be available here.

So that was the artsy side of my term.  Stay tuned for more!

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