Sunday, March 21, 2010

Spring Break

I have never wanted to skip spring break more.  Can you believe I actually found myself reading a textbook, when the new term doesn't even begin until the 29th?  I want some assignments, I want homework!  (My mom would probably collapse hearing me say those simple words.)

One of my classes next term focuses on Fireworks and Dreamweaver.  While I have absolutely no experience with Fireworks (I don't even know where to begin after opening the program), Dreamweaver has been a little easier to understand, however I can't wait to go through the class tutorials to really see what I can do with this baby.

Adobe Creative Suite CS4 is my newest toy and I have the feeling it will be much more enjoyable once I actually know how to use it.  PhotoShop has been fun, it's been interesting to compare with GIMP (the free alternative provided by Linux).  Some things are very similar while others are quite different.  I almost feel like using both programs until I gain a better understanding of PS.  Flash is a program that I am looking forward to getting to know, however I won't be taking a class in it until a couple terms from now.  Suppose I could wing-it until then?

I made some improvements to my web site yesterday, mainly adding some attractive headers (created with PhotoShop) to replace the plain-Jane default fonts supported by most browsers.  I decided to use tables in my layout (having used frames in my initial school project) and so far it is working out well, though I haven't much content to complicate things just yet.

That's another thing, what about content?  What should be on my "portfolio website"?  Especially if I haven't done much yet to actually put on display.  How do I show what I'm capable of without inflating my site with a bunch of pointless content (beyond the obvious of getting a job in web design, the goal though currently relatively unrealistic)?  Is it better to have close to nothing displayed rather than excess baggage possibly reeking of desperation?  If anyone can offer up some advice on that one, please do.

I added Site Meter to a couple of my pages, to figure out which browser(s) and screen resolution(s) to cater to for my audience.  I figure it's a worth while effort, given the importance my HTML instructor (and pretty much every other web design teaching resource) stressed upon compatibility and accessibility.  I intend to keep up the high standard I set for myself during the first term, continuously validating through the W3C, if nothing else, because I like when it tells me my site is valid and free of errors. (Though I can't say the same for my blog: tisk, tisk blogger.)

Question:  How can someone hack into an e-mail account that was closed three months ago (the person having passed away) and send Viagra ads to the person's friends and family?  It was quite a surprise to see that e-mail in my inbox this morning.  Is there anything I can do?  Isn't there at least a code of ethics, morals, or respect that this falls under?  Bad form hacker, bad form.

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