Thursday, May 15, 2014

Perpetual Student

Do you know why I fell into web design?

Partly, because it's a brilliant mix of a couple things I hold dear:

1. Computers.

SimCity - The Original
(I even had the expansion pack!)
Despite my die hard affinity for PCs, my love affair with computers began with a Mac - A Macintosh Classic (named "Murphy") to be exact.  While my experience was limited to the Oregon Trail, Carmen Sandiego and above all else, the original SimCity, it was only the beginning.

2. The Internet

With my first PC I was hooked.  It had been a gift from my uncle, if only he knew what he started with that simple gift, because it wasn't long after that big bulky box was set up on the coffee table, that it was plugged into the phone line.

My first taste of the internet:  AOL 2.5.  Dial-up.  2400 bps.  Yeah.  Aside from that, it was a light bulb.  It wasn't just information at my fingertips, it was people, a connection.  To this day, I still say that's a pretty awesome concept.  (On a side note, it's AOL chatrooms I have to thank for my relatively awesome typing speed, not my 9th grade typing class.)

3. Art & Design

This trait runs strong in my family, most notably on the female side.  We're crafters, innovators, resourceful - from grand paintings passed down through a couple generations to modern day unmatched MacGyverisms, the women in my family tree are certainly something to aspire to.  

While I occasionally find the time to apply my skills to a more tactile medium, my artistic eye and the above mentioned left-brain addictions pushed me into graphic design further than I had anticipated.  My right-brain is satisfied by this combination so who am I to complain? 

The other BIG part that makes web design pretty dang perfect for me?  

I'm in a field that is forever changing, evolving and improving.  Even with everything I DO know, there's still a wealth of information out there that I haven't utilized yet that will only make my skills that much more valuable.  Combine it all, and I'm pretty lucky.  

I'll always have a way to improve, to learn and to contribute more.  

Gotta admit, that's pretty dang cool.  

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