Sunday, May 25, 2014

Flippin' for Inspiration

So I managed to stumble upon yet another thing there isn't enough time for in my day: Flipboard.

According to Wikipedia (which we all know is internet law now-a-days), "the app Flipboard was launched in 2010 by former Apple iPhone engineer, Evan Doll, and former Tellme CEO, Mike McCue. The duo set out to create an app that merged the simplicity and feel of a magazine with the accessibility and collaboration that technology provides. The app integrates news from media outlets from around the world and presents it in a magazine format."

Available across pretty much all platforms, it's an app worth checking out.

It's a nifty program that allows for integration from numerous social networks - more than most of these social hubs, some of which I haven't even heard of - along with RSS feeds from Google Reader and a ton of Fipboard's own "magazines" to choose from.  On top of all that, it's an easy to use "flip" interface that makes navigating through an endless abundance of information somewhat manageable and easy to read.

To be honest, I've had it installed on my phone for over a year.

So why mention it now?

Because I've fallen for the Graphic & Web Design feed.

Nifty statistics regarding WordPress, validation concerning my obsession with fonts, inspiring designs using parallax scrolling... watch my heart go pitter-patter!  I thoroughly wasted at least an hour of my morning this way, when I'm sure there was something more worthwhile I should have been doing.

But alas, it just makes me hungry for more.

What's more daunting?  I've only brushed the surface.  The Flipboard feeds holding treasures about marketing, social networking, and so many other applicable topics stand proud, waiting - but I'm afraid.  I'll get lost you see, I'm already looking for that 25th hour in the day - where am I supposed to find the 26th and 27th?

Ugh, what's a gal to do?

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